Big Tech Is Pushing States to Pass Privacy Laws, and Yes, You Should Be Suspicious

The Markup reviewed existing and proposed legislation, committee testimony, and lobbying records in more than 20 states and identified 14 states with privacy bills built upon the same industry-backed framework as Virginia’s, or with weaker models. The bills are backed by a who’s who of Big Tech–funded interest groups and are being shepherded through

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Facebook Still Doesn’t Get It – People Actually Care About Their Privacy

Facebook is still bitter about Apple’s latest update to iOS. As a reminder, Apple added a requirement to iOS 14.5, known as App Tracking Transparency (ATT) that requires developers to request permission before tracking users. It’s not all that surprising that Facebook is upset, especially when you consider some studies show that as many as […]

Data isn’t oil, whatever tech commentators tell you: it’s people’s lives

The phrase “data is the new oil” is the cliche du jour of the tech industry. It was coined by Clive Humby, the genius behind Tesco’s loyalty card, who argued that data was “just like crude. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, […]

These Apps Collect the Most Personal Data

A study by pCloud concluded that social media and food delivery apps sell the most personal data to third-party advertisers. But a recent survey showed that four out of five people don’t want their personal data collected or shared without their permission. If you’re sick of invasive data collection, what are the best alternatives?

Colorado Passes Privacy Law Giving Residents Right To Opt Out Of Ad Targeting

Colorado lawmakers Tuesday passed a privacy bill that would require companies to honor consumers’ requests to opt out of targeted advertising — including requests consumers make through browser settings or other global mechanisms. The bill was unanimously approved Tuesday by the state Senate, after passing in the House Monday by a vote of 57-7 Monday.