Own your Data.

Here is why people join the movement.

The Data Union: Helping Individuals Control & Monetize their Personal Data.

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first of all

The Data Union is about redistributing wealth from the hands of the few (Big Tech) to the hands of the many (the individual).

Users can: Join The Data Union as a member and gain the benefits of having an organization work on your behalf to create a digital marketplace where all stakeholders are fairly compensated.

Not to mention

We advocate for the creation of a consumer to consumer marketplace for Personal Data Control.

The Data Union is working with partners to create a decentralized, autonomous, self-governing platform that would be owned by its stakeholders enabling consumers to take full control over the management of their personal data and to be rewarded for sharing it.

And let's no forget...

By working together, The Data Union can negotiate with data brokers and Big Tech to ensure that individuals receive fair compensation for the use of their personal data and that their personal data is not used without their knowledge and consent.