The Data Union stands ready to work for every individual. Join us now and help change the world.

Here is why people join the movement.

First of All

Stand Up to Big Tech.

As individuals we have a right to form a union and collectively bargain. We know that a union allows us a voice in our workplace and the ability to better our jobs and lives. But in the 21st century we also deserve the right to control how our personal data is used and receive fair compensation for the use of our data. Being part of The Data Union means having an association of people who share your interests and concerns. The Data Union allows us to address these concerns together instead of individually. A Data Union is our way to build power together.

Not to Mention

A stronger voice for individuals everywhere.

Our strength comes from our size and the relationships we have with each other. Together we have the power to alter the data marketplace for all individuals – to improve life for the majority of the people, not just ourselves. As more and more people stand up and join The Data Union, the effect is felt elsewhere as marketers and advertisers now have a more socially conscious alternative to the Big Tech advertising model. The collective power of many can make demands that no individual could make alone.

And let's not forget

Improving lives for individuals everywhere.

Through negotiating with data brokers, advertisers and marketing firms, we can make gains that protect all workers data privacy rights and creates a valuable new income stream for home health aides, fast food employees, retail clerks, teachers, truck drives and all working people whose job may be threatened due to technological advances in AI/ML driven robotics or the next pandemic.