Books Series

Here is why people join the movement.

by Eric A. Posner, E Glen Weyl
Revolutionary ideas on how to use markets to bring about fairness and prosperity for all. Many blame today’s economic inequality, stagnation, and political instability on the free market. The solution is to rein in the market, right? Radical Markets turns this thinking―and pretty much all conventional thinking about markets, both for and against―on its head. The book reveals bold new ways to organize markets for the good...
by Doc Searls
While marketers look for more ways to get personal with customers, including new tricks with “big data,” customers are about to get personal in their own ways, with their own tools. Soon consumers will be able to: • Control the flow and use of personal data• Build their own loyalty programs• Dictate their own terms of service• Tell whole markets what they want, how they...
By Kaliya Young
“The Domains of Identity” defines sixteen coherent yet comprehensive categories of interactions which cause personally identifiable information to be stored in databases. Discussions of identity management are often confusing; enumerating these domains and describing their characteristics clarifies which problems arise and how they can be solved within each domain.