As big companies take liberties with customer data, mistrust abounds

Companies are harvesting increasing amounts of personal information from their customers, and customers are growing increasingly concerned the threat to their privacy. That’s the top line of a new report from consulting firm KPMG, which surveyed 250 business leaders about how they collect, manage, and protect data, and how their customers feel about it. Read […]

Why Amazon’s £636m GDPR fine really matters

We were promised huge fines and GDPR has finally delivered. Last week, Amazon’s financial records revealed that officials in Luxembourg are fining the retailer €746 million (£636m) for breaching the European regulation. Read on our data secure channel. Join Us Now!

And Now There Are Three…. The Colorado Privacy Act

Colorado has now joined California and Virginia to become the third US state to pass comprehensive data privacy legislation when Governor Jared Polis signed the [__Colorado Privacy Act__]( (the “CPA”) into law on July 8, 2021. The new law is set to take effect on July 1, 2023. Read in ImagineBC: Register!

Opinion | Privacy is a fiction in the Internet age. A priest’s case proves it.

The top administrator of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops resigned last month after a newsletter used data from his cellphone to confirm his use of the dating app Grindr and track his movements to gay bars. Questions about hypocrisy aside, this invasion of an individual’s intimate life should be alarming when it happens to anyone — […]

Targeted ads aren’t just annoying, they can be harmful. Here’s how to fight back

Five years since the Brexit vote and three since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we’re now familiar with the role that targeted political advertising can play in fomenting polarization. It was revealed in 2018 that Cambridge Analytica had used data harvested from 87 million Facebook profiles, without users’ consent, to help Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign […]

Big Tech Is Pushing States to Pass Privacy Laws, and Yes, You Should Be Suspicious

The Markup reviewed existing and proposed legislation, committee testimony, and lobbying records in more than 20 states and identified 14 states with privacy bills built upon the same industry-backed framework as Virginia’s, or with weaker models. The bills are backed by a who’s who of Big Tech–funded interest groups and are being shepherded through

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