Pooling resources to empower unions of people with protection, privacy, and value for personal data. 

Thought Leadership

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James Felton Keith
Colette Mazzucelli
Political Scientist
Adm. Norman Hayes
Retired Admiral
Albert Fox Cahn
Civil Rights Lawyer
Shiv Malik
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Jennifer Morone
Artist and Activist
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Rachel Cummings
Data Scientist
Steven Schwartz
Insurance Entrepreneur
Patricia Paul
Labor Lawyer
Glen Weyl

International Advisory Board

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Andy Stern

Author & President Emeritus, SEIU

Service Employees International Union

Yobie Benjamin

Federal Researve Faster Payments Task Force

2015 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer

Simone Ross

Co Founder Techonomy

Fmr Director Smithsonian ComputerWorld


Dr. Adrian Gardner

CIO at FEMA ( formerly at NASA)

Founding advisor DATA.gov


Martin Pelletier

CIO, Co Founder TriVest Wealth Management

Columnist at The Financial Post 


Dr. Kewsi Daniels

Professor Corporate Social Responsibility

New York University


Meloney Moore

Executive Director, Estee Lauder

Wall Street Journal Women of Note


Cindy Warner

Big Data Expert

Founder 360ofMe


Diego J. Hernandez

Standford Economists

Leading on Data as Labor

Doc Searls

Best Selling Author, Thought Leader

Launched Harvard's Project VRM

Dr. H Shellae Versey

Psychologist focused on Aging & Society

Professor at Wesleyan University

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli

Graduate Faculty, New York University

BMW Foundation Responsible Leader

Harumi Urata-Thompson

Fmr. COO CFA Institute

Thought Leader on Financial Analysis

Joseph Carson

Author & Keynote on Digital Forensics

International Cyber Thought  Leader


Joel Telpner

Partner at Sullivan Worcester

Global Securities & Blockchain Expert


Jim Pasquale

EVP Interoperability digi.me

Kantara Initiative Co-Chair Consent Info


Christopher Rudolf

Health and Data Thought Leader

Life Sciences Executive

LaVonne Reimer

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Lumenous

Property Attorney and Thought Leader


George Pappachen

EVP at Research Now | NYU Faculty

Founded WPP's Data Alliance

Sandris Murins

CEO of Smart Contracts

International Blockchain Thought Leader


Saudia Mitchell

Film Maker | Dir @ USA Basketball

Formerly at National Basketball Association

Rik Willard

Founder of Agentic Group

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expert

Romina Garrido


Datos Protegidos (Data Protection)

Philippe Nicolai-Dashwood

Faculty, Paris School of Business

Info & Ownership Rights Thought Leader

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