The Economy Runs On Personal Data. Let's Start acting like it.

#DataIsLabor and we owe you a #DataDividend for your productivity because you #OwnYourData

What is the Data Union?

Watch the video to understand why people join the movement.

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You are valuable.
Your data says so.

The Data Union believes all individuals are entitled to receive fair compensation from the income generated for the use of their personal data, their creativity, and their time.

How much is
your personal
data worth?

Importance of

Listen to these videos by respected futurist Jaron Lanier to understand the importance of compensating individuals for the use of their data and his estimate of the value of that data ($20,000 per annum!)

Watch the video

Join the movement

By joining the Data Union community you will have the opportunity to help change this dynamic. The Data Union is totally focused on redistributing wealth from the hands of the few to the hands of many.

But we need your help!

The Data Union has selected to host its content on ImagineBC’s media platform because, in addition to being a partner of the Data Union, ImagineBC’s platform offers members of the Data Union security and control of their personal information and perhaps more interestingly a unique way to explore how to monetize personal information without loss of privacy.

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Data ownership starts with data CONTROL

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Earn from you data

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