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Video from the 2020 summiT

Hacking Digital Ethics

James Felton Keith is joined by author of the forthcoming "Hacking Digital Ethics" on Anthem Press, David J. Krieger: Author at Institute for Communication and Leadership in Lucerne, Switzerland

Data For The Culture

James Felton Keith is joined by Carlton Mackey: Director of Emory University’s Ethics & The Arts Program | Social Influencer & Founder of Black Men Smile, as well as. Christopher Hearn: Community Engagement Manager of Streamlytics to talk about the digitization of Black cultural data.

What are Data Dividends & Data Unions 

A Conversation about the structure of both Data Union and Data Dividends from the people making them happen.
[Tech] Shiv Malik: Head of Growth at Streamr Network
[Policy] Matt Prewitt, President RadicalxChange
[Litigation] Enoch Liang: CEO, Data Dividend Project

Centering Racial Equity Throughout Data Integration

A conversatiopn about activism working to modify governmental use of tech & data.

Dr. Amy Hawn Nelson, University of Pennsylvania
Tawana Petty: Director, Data Justice Program at Detroit Community Technology Project | Co-Lead Our Data Bodies.

Billions of people are unaware and uninformed about how their personal data is being used as input, to directly or indirectly create economic productivity. Personal Data Day is an opportunity for a dialogue to empower people to give context to data and data use.

Personal Data is Everything.

Personal Data is Car Data.

Personal Data is Health Data.

Personal Data is Financial Data.

Personal Data is Insurance Data.

Personal Data is Advertising Data.

Personal Data is Employee Data.

Personal Data is Billboard Data.

Personal Data is Voter's Data.

Personal Data is Civic Data.


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About Personal Data Day

Personal Data Day is an international initiative to expand the conversation on data privacy and raise awareness about the data that individuals contribute to our productivity.

Get Social With Us​
  • Register yourself and/or your company as a Personal Data Day champion.

  • Join us for #OwnYourData Twitter chats and share and get access to resources.

  • Use #PersonalData on social media and follow us.

  • Visit one of our global events by signing up for updates.

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Get Involved

You can get involved at home, at work and in your community. Take action, help create a culture of awareness about the value of your personal data to every individual and institution that you interact with. This is not about privacy, it's about value.

This year’s Personal Data Day efforts will be highlighting why the economic value of data matters.

The Data Union provides free, nonproprietary personal data value awareness and education resources to help you spread the word about how you'll need to #OwnYourData

Sign-up as an individual or on behalf of your institution/employer by agreeing to the following.

You Agree:

  • Personal data is a broader classification than PII (personally identifiable information).

  • Personal data is minded refined and distributed via people's digital contribution.

  • We need to explore personal data beyond the existing privacy conversation.

Your Action:

  • Volunteer to participate by posting or attending a conference about the uses of personal data.

  • Link your organization to the list of those interested in exploring the risks and opportunities of personal data.

Let's Use Data To Build
A More Inclusive World!​​

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Ethics of Personal data Collection in International Relations

Inclusionism in the time of COVID-19

Join the editors and authors of the forthcoming Ethics of Personal Data Collection in International Relations: Inclusionism In The Time of COVID-19.
-Christian Rossi, Colette Mazzucelli, and David Unger, Rome versus the Regions: Government in Italy during the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic
-Jasmine Lee, Taiwan’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Social Constructivist Analysis of Identity Differentiation with the People’s Republic of China
-Viola Prisca Roggia, Personal Data Collection to Perpetuate Modern Slavery through the Correctional System: A Comparative Study of China and the US.
-Jakub Kibitlewski, Data to the People? Surveillance Capitalism and the Need for a Legal Reconceptualization of Personal Data Beyond the Notion of Privacy
-Charles Martin-Shields and Ziad Al-Achkar, Data in the Context of Human Subjects: Universities as Sites of Data Collection
-Andrea Adams, Ethical Considerations for App-mediated Research of Different Classifications of Data
-Suzanne Goodney Lea and Elsa Marie D’Silva, Safecity: Data Collection to Promote Gender Rights as Human Rights
-John Reilly and Lynne Chandler Garcia, Personal Data Collection Ethics in the Context of the Enhanced Access Acknowledge Act (EAAA) Sexual Assault Reduction Program at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
-Thynn Thynn Hlaing and Nicole Scartozzi, Personal Data Collection in the Context of the Ebola Outbreak in Sierre Leone