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We are a membership-based organization that is expanding across college campuses to engage the future leaders of a rapidly individualizing world. We aim to establish and explore both theory and practice for how to best distribute the value derived from an asset-class like data in an ethical and equitable way.

Personal Data is Oil?

Personal Data is Labour.

Personal Data is Property.

Personal Data is an Asset Class.

Personal Data is a Natural Resource.



All data is a derivative of your Personal Data.

Student Members

Some of the benefits of student members who join a campus club:


  • Waived student membership fee for campus club members  

  • Leadership access to The Data Union Conferences

  • Free access to industry events and panels

  • Internships and research projects

  • Professional Networking 

Personal Data is the asset class that will guide the future of human activity and how we pay people for their contribution to human creations. This is a human rights issue and economic issue that younger generations of people are inheriting. At #PersonalData we want to ensure that students of the academy have adequate time to understand and derive their own opinions on how this asset class can influence our times.

Personal data is the most valuable asset on the planet because it is still true that knowledge is power. Ownership of  personal data is the greatest economic issue of our time, because it is true that we only distribute value to the rightful owner of an asset. Personal data is not about privacy. 

- James Felton Keith, President

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Personal Data is Car Data.

Personal Data is  Health  Data.

Personal Data is Financial Data.

Personal Data is Insurance Data.

Personal Data is Advertising Data.

Personal Data is Employee Data.

Personal Data is Billboard Data.

Personal Data is Voter's Data.

Personal Data is Civic Data.

"Every Industry Is Impacted By the Use of Data"

 - CIO, Barneys New York

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